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You've just found the secret to happier truck drivers.

  • Connected drivers are happier drivers.

    • Driver retention a problem? - Deploy a mobile app for your drivers that makes life easier and helps them make more money.
    • Dispatch messages anywhere - It stinks to be stuck in your truck waiting for dispatch messages. Let your drivers receive and send dispatch messages anywhere.
    • Improve scorecard effectiveness - Scorecards are worthless if no one's looking. Now you can insure that driver scorecard info is continuously at your drivers' fingertips.
    • Help drivers feel connected - Improve company culture and help drivers really feel like they're part of your team.
  • Launch an integrated driver app in 90 days.

    • Avoid reinventing the wheel - Our mobile platform already has what your drivers want. Leverage it!
    • Launch quickly - In about 90 days, you can launch your driver mobile app packed with features that truck drivers love.
    • Integrate easily - Our platform makes it easy to integrate your app with your backend systems - including dispatch, HR, safety, maintenance, and more.
    • Maximize future options - Your app is fully customizable. No dead-ends here. Source code ownership option available.
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