About Eleos Technologies

Smart people. Smart solutions.

Our mission is to make life easier for truck drivers, mobile workers, and the people who support them.

The company

Headquartered in Greenville, SC, Eleos Technologies is a mobile technology development company.

Eleos teams are located in SC, NC, FL, CO, and NY.

Eleos was founded in 2011 by Kevin Survance, former CTO of MapQuest, and Ryan Crum

What makes Eleos different

Focused on open, programmable products.

Not content to create products that are merely configurable, Eleos has a bias for open products that can be easily programmed by our clients to match their unique business requirements.

Deep experience developing mobile driver apps.

It is doubtful that any company has built more custom mobile apps for mobile workers than Eleos Technologies. Our platform is the embodiment of that experience - the knowledge of not just the correct solution, but the 1,000 possible solutions that did NOT work.

Integrity and quality.

Although we're both human and imperfect, we strive to keep our promises at all cost, deliver product of exceptional quality, and maintain outstanding system performance and uptime.

With unmatched experience building driver mobile apps and a powerful mobile platform, Eleos is uniquely equipped to help you quickly deploy a custom app for your mobile workforce.

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