The 2016 Eleos Technologies Client Summit was recently held in Greenville, SC. We have fantastic clients, and the time together was both fun and productive. Because our mobile platform is so flexible, our clients can devise creative solutions and deploy them in their drivers’ app without even telling us. So it was great to hear some of the things they’ve been doing to increase driver happiness and improve efficiency. Here are some of the key topics we covered at the summit:

  1. Using the app during the recruiting process to decrease time and effort of onboarding new drivers.
  2. Using video to deliver more personable messages to drivers instead of mobilecomm text messages.
  3. Provide safety training directly in the app for drivers instead of routing them into a terminal.
  4. Achieving a zero defect rate for scanned documents.
  5. Using the app to help driver find assigned trailers and/or available empty trailers.
  6. Using the app to dramatically reducing the cost of HR compliance – updated CDLs, physicals, etc.
  7. Using the app as a better alternative to driver guidebooks (fuel book, CAT scales, company terminal locations, etc.)
  8. Using the app to reduce future mobilecomm/telematics cost.
  9. Using the app to increase utilization rates.
  10. Using the app for more efficient DVIR reporting.
  11. Using the app to help drivers plan trips.
  12. Using the app to for truck maintenance-related communication.
  13. How the app is eliminating the need for a web-based driver portal.