Eleos now provides a Quick Start Integration Package that allows clients to leverage Eleos technical personnel to rapidly launch a driver-facing mobile app without impacting other important IT project timelines.

Clients who purchase the Quick Start Package will see the initial version of their Eleos-powered app launched in the app store with minimal involvement from in-house IT staff. The package includes setup of the dispatch/mobilecomm integration points necessary for the core functions of the client’s driver-facing mobile app.

While many clients may still prefer to handle their own integration using the superb Eleos Integration Toolkit, those with more limited IT resources can use the Quick Start Integration Package to quickly deploy a driver-facing app loaded with powerful features that fleet truck drivers love – dispatch information, mobilecomm-integrated messaging, news feed, video libraries, and much more.

After the new app is launched, our clients retain the source code for the integration modules and enjoy the full dynamic power of the Eleos Mobile Platform that gives fleets full control over their driver’s mobile experience without the need for Eleos participation.

For more information contact Eleos here.