Creativity = Profitability

NAPA Transportation

NAPA Transportation was founded in 1991 and today they haul for some of the largest companies in America. Their competitive nature and think outside the box approach give them the ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing industry. By partnering with Eleos, NAPA Transportation is able to build creative solutions to problems that traditional mobile comm simply can’t.

The Problem

NAPA Transportation needed a mobile driver app that would attract new drivers and provide them functionality and control that their traditional mobile comm system could not.

Our Solution

NAPA Transportation used their creativity to build a driver app that utilizes many of the features and functions of the Eleos Platfom. Workflow was a very important and needed feature that their previous mobile comm solution struggled to provide. With Eleos, they were able to create multiple custom workflows that allowed drivers to become more confident and efficient with their trips. The new workflow, or as NAPA Transportation refers to it as automated trip management, spurred fundamental changes to some of their internal processes. Their mobile app also includes dispatch information, two-way messaging, find my truck and trailer functionality, custom forms, exception reporting, and more. Drivers love the app for making their lives easier while executives love the platform for improving profitability and efficiency across the company.

When our leadership team shares that this is probably one of the best things we’ve done for our drivers, I couldn’t agree more.
Jim Brighton
IT Director

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