Native mobile apps at the speed of web development

Create a custom mobile driver app for your fleet using only server-side code.

We do the hard work of building, deploying, and maintaining native Android and iOS apps for your truck drivers. Your app comes ready to run with many pre-built native components for truck drivers. You customize and extend your app using only existing web development skills.

How it works
First, we provide you with native mobile app builds for Android and iOS—customized with your company logos.
Your app will work immediately and be fully functional, but won't do anything useful until you…
Install the Eleos .NET integration framework on your on-premise server.*
The .NET project contains the web services source code needed to power your app.
* If you'd prefer not to use .NET, you can implement your web services using the technology of your choice, guided by our detailed API documentation.
Write a handful of SQL database queries to retrieve data from your dispatch system and other backend systems.
At this point, you have a useful, releaseable app for your drivers. But you'll want more, so you'll…
Use the web-based designer to create custom forms and screens for your app.
These custom screens will tailor your app to fit the driver's specific needs for each load; ensuring that only the most relevant information and functions are available to match specific equipment, customer, and freight demands.
Write a small amount of server-side code to apply your business logic and control what drivers can see and do in your app.
This is where you implement your unique business logic to ensure that your drivers' mobile experience is a smooth extension of your company's operating procedures.
Mix in your secret sauce by embedding mobile-friendly web pages into the app.
Leverage single sign-on (SSO) functionality so your drivers only have to log in once to get everything they need to do their job.
You're in complete control of your app via the code that you control on your server.
Create custom experiences for your drivers—even entirely different experiences for different driver groups—without writing a bit of mobile code.
Your drivers will see any changes you make reflected on their devices within minutes with no need to redeploy or update their app.

Pre-built mobile components

  • Offline operation
  • HOS
  • Bi-directional messaging with form/macro support
  • Truck/trailer locator
  • Integrated weather
  • Location maps
  • Intelligent in-motion locking
  • Screen builder
  • Accident screens
  • Freight damage screens
  • Driver/customer referral screens
  • Prevent use while driving
  • Video library management
  • Video view-tracking and reporting
  • High-quality document scanning
  • Text & video news feeds
  • Payroll
  • Dynamic forms
  • TODO lists
  • Menu builder
  • Breakdown screens
  • Arrive/depart screens
  • Loaded/unloaded screens
  • Shipper rating screens
  • …and much more!

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