Workflow Drives Productivity

More drive time. Fewer mistakes. A feeling of confidence. Truck drivers who use Eleos-powered workflow apps boost their productivity with a mobile app that unifies and organizes all of their workday information into a single app.

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More Drive Time

More Drive Time

Truck drivers move faster when they use mobile workflow apps. They quickly execute and document their work with fewer phone calls (with less time on hold) and less data entry. This frees up time for more driving and more revenue.

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Eliminating Costly Mistakes

Mobile workflow helps truck drivers avoid profit-killing mistakes. Our workflow apps help ensure that the driver arrives in well-maintained equipment at the right place, via a safe, legal route, at the right time, using the best-priced fuel. Throughout the day, workflow provides clear, easy guidance for the driver’s work.

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Eliminating Costly Mistakes
Moving with Confidence

Moving with Confidence

Eleos’ best-in-class workflow capabilities guide drivers throughout their workday. Much more than mere “circle of service”, our workflows can be crafted to perfectly match the customer requirements and the fleet’s operational needs. Truck drivers do their work quickly, with the confidence that the prompts in their mobile app are timely and comprehensive.

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A Trusted, Proven Platform

Our workflow platform is used by many of the world’s most respected trucking fleets.


Mobile workflow reduces driver stress:

Easy trip planning

Convenient access to paystubs

Reliable dispatch communication

Quick, organized document scanning

Legal, safe, efficient truck routing

Trustworthy turn-by-turn truck navigation

On-the-go training videos

Guided exception reporting

Access the app from any device

Maximize your driver productivity today.