Motorcity Systems is partnering with Eleos

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We are proud to announce that Motorcity Systems is joining the Eleos Partner Network as both a reseller of Eleos and an integration partner.

Motorcity Systems focuses on cloud-based back office solutions for carrier companies including planning and dispatch, messaging, analytics, and integration.

They have a lot in common with Eleos. We both started because tech-focused people wanted to create something better than what the market offered—something that would make transportation simpler, better, and more human. We both built our companies from the ground up with elbow grease and grit. And we both offer smart, flexible products that play nicely with others.

So it only makes sense to play nicely together.

In fact, Eleos and Motorcity complement each other perfectly. Motorcity makes things better inside of the walls of trucking companies; Eleos make things better on the road for drivers.

When Motorcity realized the need for a strong workflow product to offer as part of their suite, they didn’t want to reinvent the wheel. But they did want something that would integrate seamlessly with their own suite of products.

After researching the available options, they settled on Eleos. Jason Nurmi, VP of Operations describes their assessment:

We thought, “These guys look like they have it figured out.” We found that because of our similar development philosophies, Eleos and Motorcity Systems play really well together. After investigating the market, we feel that Eleos is the best workflow and driver communication solution out there. It only makes sense to partner with them.

Motorcity Systems will soon be offering Eleos alongside its own products. They will integrate Eleos with their own suite of products to create a complete and seamless experience for both drivers and back-office personnel.

Wes Pollock, VP of Sales & Strategic Partnerships of Eleos Technologies, was enthusiastic about the partnership:

Our companies complement each other well because Eleos is focused on building the most advanced workflow platform for drivers and Motorcity Systems is determined to modernize workflow for the back-office. Our partnership further demonstrates the value of modularity by integrating two best-of-breed solutions.

Motorcity joins the ranks of other great companies like ASR Solutions, Add On Systems, XDS, and Gray Box Solutions, who are already Eleos resellers and integration partners.

Are you a technology company working in the trucking space? If so, Eleos might be a good fit for your own lineup. Why not request a free demo to find out?

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