Mobile App 1.42

⭐️ Location Tracking: You can now request automatic location updates from drivers using your mobile app. Drivers will be prompted to opt-in; once they do so, we’ll periodically retrieve their device’s current location and send it to your web services. From there, you can forward this information to dispatch, the customer, or any other person or system that needs to keep up-to-date with the load.

Two phones, one showing a prompt to allow location updates to be sent, and one confirming they are being sent

⭐️ Trip Plan Lookup: Our latest updates to Trip Planner Studio provide driver managers and back office personnel insight into what the driver sees and experiences in your driver app. This web interface provides users with trip details including stops, drive time and distance, special instructions, traffic impacts, etc. Users can also see when the driver has made changes that impact the route. For instance, when a driver moves a location pin, you can see the original location as well as where the driver moved it. You can access Trip Planner Studio from your Eleos Platform Dashboard.

A web browser and a tablet, both showing the same navigation route and trip details

⭐️ Drivewyze Integration: Drivers can now save time and avoid the frustration of weigh stations, all without leaving your mobile app. If you use Drivewyze, you can now include Drivewyze driver and vehicle information as part of your web service response, and we’ll automatically show bypass notifications to the driver while they’re driving.

Tablet showing a prompt indicating the driver can bypass this weigh station

The Drivewyze integration is currently only available for Android devices.

✅ As usual, this version of the Platform mobile app is designed to be backwards-compatible with your existing web services and doesn’t require server changes prior to being deployed. If a future version introduces a backwards-incompatible change, we’ll note that in this portion of the release notes.


  • 🐞 Fixed an issue where “photograph” scan flows still applied quality checks to the captured photograph. Photographs are now exempt from quality checks.
  • 🐞 The "workflow": true flag is now properly ignored for actions that appear on a dashboard info card. (Workflow actions are only supported on loads and stops.)
  • 🐞 Fixed a crash that could occur on login when the app dashboard was configured with an image-only info card.


  • 🐞 Fixed a crash that could occur asynchronously after logout when using the Geotab integration.
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