Fleet and driver management that’s open, customizable and best-in-class

Geotab and Eleos have teamed up to develop an integrated solution to unite drivers and fleet managers, improve the driver experience, and increase fleet efficiency and compliance.

Next generation fleet tracking device

Rich, accurate telematics insights, Geotab IOX™ Expandability, in-vehicle audible driver coaching. 

ELD made effortless

Simplified HOS compliance certified for the U.S. and Canada. Streamlined DVIR, IFTA, Driver Identification, Messaging, plus Add-Ins available. 

Customizable driver workflow app

Easily manage dispatch, routing, delivery/job workflow and more with the Eleos app in and out of the cab with an integrated mobile app.

Leading open platform for fleet management

 Engine diagnostics, custom mapping and interactive dashboard reports, Marketplace for integrated Apps and software Add-Ins. 

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Learn how combining both Eleos and Geotab can revolutionize your driver communications and fleet management.

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Key Benefits

Customization & Flexibility

Managers can easily customize forms and workflow processes and push them to drivers in real-time.

Better Driver Experience

Drivers love it. Everything they need is at their fingertips and easy to navigate to from a single location.

Data to Make Decisions

Tight integration with Geotab ELD and Telematics device provides powerful data to help you - and your drivers - make real-time decisions as issues arise.

Integration & Consolidation

Integrate virtually any workflow or tool into a single app to reduce driver frustration and increase productivity.


Leverage multiple communication methods to keep drivers informed and engaged with the back office while they’re on or off the road.


Easily integratable with other applications or hardware Add-Ons via the GO device’s IOX port.

Mobile Access

This unified solution offers access to the app while in or out of the cab allowing drivers to make the most of their time on the road.

Built-In Effortless ELD

Leverage 100+ HOS rulesets, IFTA and DVIR setting. Certified for the U.S. and Canada.

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