8 disturbing effects of isolation on truck drivers & how to help

A quick free ebook of the key negative outcomes for truckers, when they are without human contact for extended periods on the road.

Being a truck driver is one of the highest-stress jobs in the US—with the fourth-highest suicide rate of any occupation.

No wonder, with the constant time pressures, the need to remain continually alert to driving hazards, the often disrespectful treatment they get, and even the fear of violence at some of the shadier truck stops.

Yet there is one risk factor that outweighs all these: social isolation.

In the past, psychologists thought that loneliness was just one factor in a driver’s stress response. But new research indicates that it has a uniquely serious effect.

Isolation doesn’t merely cause depression and anxiety. Being lonely can literally lower your IQ, reduce your ability to focus, hamper your problem-solving skills, and cause impaired decision-making.

In this free ebook, we summarize some of the key findings of this research, in an easy-to-read format.

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