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Are you giving your drivers everything they need to succeed? With your own custom app you give your drivers the best possible digital tools, inside and outside the cab, so they can safely and confidently complete all their work in the most efficient manner possible. This makes all the difference.

A custom mobile app elevates your drivers’ digital experience to reach new levels of confidence, job satisfaction, and productivity.

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Your Drivers Deserve a Custom Mobile App

While In-cab telematics solutions are great, they simply cannot provide everything that drivers need. A custom mobile app, built for your unique requirements, delivers user-friendly workday guidance and communication tools that integrate with every department in your company. The capabilities go far beyond what is possible using in-cab telematics solutions alone.

A custom mobile driver app delivers a transformative work experience. From a single login, your drivers will have a full range of job-related tools to make their workdays more productive and enjoyable.

Benefits of a Custom App Over a "One Size Fits All" App

Build Your Custom Driver App With Eleos

Using Eleos, you create a truly custom app without doing any mobile coding! You deploy your app quickly and efficiently and save significant time and cost versus building and maintaining an app on your own.

You can provide a robust out-of-cab solution, giving drivers the ability to run your custom app from wherever they are on both Android and Apple phones and tablets. Real-time integrations with backend systems eliminate painful slowness common in telematics messaging systems.

With Eleos, what’s good for the driver is good for your business. Elevate their experience to reach higher levels of efficiency.

Additional Benefits of Building with Eleos

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