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for fleets and mobile workforces

Rapid, low-code mobile apps for professional drivers and mobile workers.

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The Eleos Mobile Platform

The Eleos Mobile Platform is a mobile low-code development platform that lets you rapidly develop applications for on-the-go drivers and workers. Geo-enabled, with powerful workflow capabilities, your apps are easily integrated with backend systems. All without writing a single line of mobile code.

Empower your mobile workforce

Give your truck drivers, technicians, inspectors, and service providers everything they need to do their jobs while on the road. Dispatch, routing, delivery/job workflow, data gathering, and exception reporting are all accomplished easily and efficiently.

20X faster than developing from scratch

Don't reinvent the wheel! Leverage our prebuilt mobility components to prevent distracted driving, provide turn-by-turn navigation, trip planning, equipment location, document scanning, and much more.

Pre-built mobile components

  • Workflow
  • Telematics/Fleet Management
  • Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation with trucking attributes
  • Bi-directional messaging with form/macro support
  • Equipment locator
  • Offline operation
  • Integrated weather
  • Location maps
  • Intelligent locking to prevent distracted driving
  • Site/job rating screens
  • High-quality document scanning and processing
  • Dynamic forms
  • Dashboards
  • Video library management
  • Video view-tracking and reporting
  • Text & video news feeds
  • Payroll
  • Task lists
  • Menu builder
  • Exception reporting screens
  • Data gathering tools
  • …and much more!

Unleash your IT department's inner mobility

Using only existing server-side coding skills, you'll be able to quickly create comprehensive mobile tools for your drivers and mobile workers.

Create mobile apps
without writing mobile code

What our clients say

“Awesome…every trucking company should have an app like this.”

Andrew D.

“Leveraging the Eleos Mobile Platform is like having an entire staff of mobile developers at our disposal.”

Steve Linder
TMC Transportation

“*Fantastic app* So helpful to be able to message my fleet manager while I'm standing in the shipping/receiving office, instead of running back and forth to my truck. And no more praying the Q______m doesn't freeze up trying to scan bills.”

Driver, Interstate Distributor Corp.

“I use this app every single day!”

April C.
Driver, USA Truck

“*Love it* I have a Q______m that never works except for logs. This has made mine and my fleet manager's life much easier.”

April C.
Driver, Interstate Distributor Corp.

“Very pleased with this app. I am a new driver and my P_____net is down. I can contact all departments with this app. Plus I get my preplans if I'm not in the truck. Plus you can pull up your pay on payday!”

Driver, WEL

“I have had zero, errors, no glitches, and it's fast. One application that shows loads, pay for the last 6 weeks, sends people net messages, receives same, and sends bill docs. Well that's just part. To do so much and not lockup. All I can say is whom ever worked on the code for this app, the are amazing.”

Driver, USA Truck

“By leveraging the Eleos Mobile Platform, we deployed a valuable app for our drivers far more quickly than we could have done it in-house. Yet we were able to customize the app to match our unique vision of what a driver app should be.”

Steve Grover
Knight Transporation

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