Driver Workflow Apps

Replacing mobilecomm with our app gives drivers more clarity & freedom, with less downtime & frustration.

Eleos unifies everything truckers need into a single workflow app that automates trip management and lets you oversee your fleet in real time. It’s a full in-cab and out-of-cab solution.

One App. Real-time. Any Device.

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One unified app and experience

One unified app and experience

No more ancient mobilecomm your drivers hate. They have just one app that runs on both the tablet in their truck, and their smartphone.

With this app, they can do everything. This makes their lives easier, frees them from working only in the cab, and increases their productivity.

Modern interface displays what drivers need, at the time they need it

No more firehose of barely-usable text messages. Drivers never have to hunt for what they need. They never get messages too late. Information is delivered to and from dispatch instantly. If something changes at either end, corrections and updates happen in real time.

Modern interface displays what drivers need, at the time they need it
Eleos runs on any device (in-cab tablet + smartphone)

Eleos runs on any device (in-cab tablet + smartphone)

Drastically cut down inefficiency and delays. Drivers work in the same interface wherever they are. They can plan or review routes, update dispatch, and get updates and delivery instructions even when away from their cab.

Easy customization & integration

Eleos is designed to give you a mobile workflow app that conforms to your business. It works with your actual processes and tools, which means you can combine it with any fleet management and ELD system, and create unlimited custom screens and workflows. This is all easily managed through a visual editor, using pre-built components to keep things very simple but completely flexible. For example, many trucking companies are struggling to manage COVID-related health check-ins and screenings using traditional mobilecomm. Eleos customers simply add the necessary steps to their workflows.

In-cab solution + driver phone app = huge business success

Because it unifies everything a driver needs, Eleos has just one login to remember, just one app to install, just one interface to learn—and no redundant data entry. By being able to do everything in one place, Eleos empowers you to:

Reduce driver downtime and maximize asset utilization

Boost the efficiency and profitability of your network

Improve compliance with shipper demands

Eliminate crippling communication outages

Reduce fuel cost

Increase driver job satisfaction

Trusted by Industry Leaders

See Eleos in action for yourself

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