About Eleos

Eleos is more than just technology and code. We are people who work toward the common goal of making truck drivers’ lives better, and fleets more profitable.

Through a strong focus on engineering and code, and a determination to produce the best possible SaaS driver workflow, we are changing the universe of driver-facing transportation technology. We wish to be known for our innovation, reliability, and for our table tennis prowess.

Eleos was founded in 2011 by Kevin Survance and Ryan Crum. Kevin and Ryan have prior experience developing software at MapQuest (where Kevin served as CTO), American Express, Microsoft, and Walmart Labs. Since then we have added many great people to our team, living and working all across the United States. While we aren’t coding and building apps, we love cooking great food, learning new things, serving others, and playing fierce matches of table tennis.

Why Eleos is Different

Focused on open, programmable products

We aren't content to create products that are merely configurable. We have a strong bias for open products that can be easily programmed by our clients to match their unique business requirements. We don't believe in cookie-cutters, no matter how fancy.

Deep experience developing mobile driver apps

We're pretty sure that no company has built more custom mobile apps for truck drivers than Eleos. Our platform is the embodiment of that experience. It's more than just knowledge of the correct solution—it's the wisdom of understanding the 1,000 possible solutions that will NOT work.

Promises, performance, and reliability

No one is perfect, but we've built our company's success on taking promises seriously and striving to keep them at all costs. We deliver a product of exceptional quality and maintain outstanding system performance and uptime so that our clients can always rely on Eleos.

Learn about our driver app -
Drive Axle

In addition to our platform, we offer another product made specifically for drivers. Drive Axle is the best smartphone solution for scanning, sending, and storing freight documents.

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Learn about our driver app -<br>Drive Axle
Learn about OpenCab

Learn about OpenCab

To accelerate the development of great trucking technology, we created OpenCab: a simple app-to-app communication protocol that the whole industry can unify around.

OpenCab lets commercial trucking apps talk to each other, so the devices they run—ELDs, sensors, cameras etc—can work seamlessly together.

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