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Platform Overview & API Documentation

Using the Eleos web APIs, you can create a custom workflow app without writing a single line of mobile code. Dozens of Eleos-powered driver apps have been successfully launched by major trucking fleets, TMS providers, telematics vendors, and technical consulting firms.

Leveraging pre-built Eleos components, you can rapidly create an app that will delight drivers and boost productivity. After your app is launched, you’ll maintain complete, run-time control of its powerful features.

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How It Works

Create custom mobile apps for drivers using visual tools and small amounts of server-side code.

Eliminate the cost and risk that comes with building mobile apps from scratch. Move 20X faster leveraging our pre-built native components.

Flip through these slides for a step-by-step overview of the process.

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Native mobile app builds are generated for Android and iOS—customized with company logos and imagery.

Your app will work immediately and be fully functional, but won't do anything useful until you…

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Use the web-based App Editor to design custom screens, menus, forms, and workflow for your app.

Tailor your app to perfectly fit your operational workflow, ensuring that only the most relevant information and functions are available for each dispatch.

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Integrate! Write some code snippets—SQL queries, web service calls, etc.—to retrieve data from your dispatch system and other backend systems.

At this point, you have a useful, releaseable app. But you'll want more, so you'll probably grab fresh cup of coffee and…

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...write small portions of server-side code to further customize your business logic and control what users can see and do in your app.

Since you have full control over the app's business logic, you'll be able to create and evolve workflow logic to accommodate even the most complex, demanding needs of your business.

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You're in complete control of your app via the App Editor and the lightweight code that you maintain on your server.

Create custom experiences for your users—even entirely different experiences for different user groups—without writing a bit of mobile code.

App users will see any changes you make reflected on their devices within minutes with no need to redeploy or update their app.

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API Resources

Integration Web Services Documentation

Rather than building a mobile app from scratch, your team can implement just a few HTTP web services to authenticate users, retrieve data, process messages, and customize the app experience based on your own systems and databases.

Platform Dashboard and App Editor

Use the Dashboard to get at-a-glance insights about your app’s adoption, usage, and health. Build and update what your users’ experience with point-and-click editors for menus, activity screens, forms, and more.

Platform API Documentation

Use our REST API to send messages and notifications to your drivers, manage app content, and more.

OpenCab Integration

OpenCab allows commercial trucking apps to talk to each other, so the devices they run—ELDs, sensors, cameras, etc—can work seamlessly together. We have implemented OpenCab in our mobile apps. Anyone can easily integrate with our apps via OpenCab.

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