Assured Telematics Inc joining the Eleos Partner Network

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We are proud to announce that Assured Telematics Inc (ATI) is joining our Partner Network as an Eleos reseller and integration partner.

Assured Telematics Inc builds fleet management solutions for heavy-duty trucking and large private fleets. They are one of the most successful resellers of Geotab telematics, having gained over 1,000 Geotab customers in the past 11 years.

Like Eleos, ATI is strongly focused on engineering—creating custom apps and integrations to make fleet management easier and more efficient for Geotab and its clients.

Geotab has been an Eleos partner for some time. When ATI wanted the very best driver workflow solution to integrate with their own custom apps, Geotab recommended Eleos.

ATI requested a demo to see what the Eleos platform could do. They were not disappointed.

“If you’re trying to displace the ‘big boys’ you need a great workflow solution,” Frank Pellitta, ATI’s CEO says. “That’s why we chose Eleos. Eleos will be a great option for our customers and is going to make a big difference for them in regards to workflow. We’re very excited to kick things off.”

Eleos CEO Kevin Survance announced the partnership today:

We are extremely pleased to have a vendor of ATI’s reputation join the Eleos Partner Network. The ability for fleets to separate driver workflow from telematics is a game-changer, and the involvement of companies like ATI in what we are doing shows that the market is catching on to that. We’re looking forward to improving their customers’ driver happiness and network efficiency.

If you would like to see for yourself why companies like ATI are partnering with Eleos, request a free demo, and we’ll show you what the platform can do.

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