Connecting With Drivers to Slash Turnover by 18%

Central Oregon Truck Company

COTC exclusively hauls flatbed freight. They service customers across all 48 states and Canada. They are especially known for their core values of family and teamwork, reflected in industry-leading driver pay and benefits, and are consistently named in the top 20 Best Fleets to Drive For®.

The problem

COTC needed a system that would make drivers feel more connected to the company. Despite the many benefits of working for them, their turnover rate was very high, like the rest of the industry—around 94%. They knew this had a lot to do with the clunky web portal their drivers had to use. With millennial-aged drivers continuing to fill their ranks, they needed a system that would meet millennial expectations while not leaving old-timers in the dust.

The solution

Replacing their traditional system with Eleos and Geotab helped COTC reduce driver turnover from 94% to 76%. Drivers no longer have to log into a web portal—they get an intuitive, white-labeled app that works directly on their in-cab tablets, plus their own smartphones. The app gives them automated trip management for start-to-finish load workflows, turn-by-turn, truck-safe voice navigation, and much else besides.

Replacing their traditional system with Eleos and Geotab helped COTC reduce driver turnover from 94% to 76%

They use it for photographing, for scanning documents post-delivery, for accident reporting, and for paperlessly accessing all their permits. This has been great not just for the drivers, but for the back office too—instead of hiring light duty personnel to assemble 400 permit books every December, a couple of staff simply do the updates electronically.

Another feature that drivers and back-office both love is the detailed pay information in the app. This has eliminated support calls about pay.

Eleos really worked. It’s just fantastic, just a better experience. The feedback has been positive, even from older people that are scared of the technology. The drivers love it. They are over the top with how the experience they used to have compares to what they have now. – Brad Aimone

Drivers also like how easy it is to manage their workflows, how quickly they can get to their logs, and their greater sense of involvement with the rest of the company. For example, when COTC started considering a driver mentor program, they put a banner on the app homepage that drivers could tap to volunteer as a mentor.

Sometimes it is the small features that get the most praise from drivers. For instance, they love getting notifications that a map pin has been moved by another driver to the exact driveway they need to go to, rather than the center of a facility. These are the sorts of “papercuts” that gradually build up frustration and cause drivers to leave. But with Eleos, not anymore.

Central Oregon's driver turnover is about a quarter less than the trucking industry's average. We attribute much of the improvement in our retention numbers to our driver app on the Eleos Mobile Platform.
Brad Aimone
Director of Safety

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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