Custom App Leads to Higher Driver Retention

Prime, Inc

Since its founding in 1970, Prime has been an innovative regional and Over the Road (OTR) trucking company, paving the way for the rest of the trucking industry. Today, with over 8,500 drivers across North America, Prime continues to evolve as they move freight through their reefer, flatbed, tanker, and intermodal divisions.

The problem

Since its inception, Prime has made a conscious effort to improve the lives of their drivers by investing in technology and staying abreast of changes in the industry. As their tech stack developed, Prime found their drivers were using multiple tools to manage the information they needed to do their jobs.  It was a headache for the driver, as well as their dispatch team, to jump from app to app to find and act on important activities throughout their day. As a result, Prime needed a way to simplify the driver experience and make it easy for them to manage everything in a single location.

The solution

Prime looked to Eleos Technologies to help them build a customer mobile app that could be used by their drivers on their personal mobile phones (Android or iOS). Prime had worked with Eleos for a document scanning solution and were confident they could develop the app they needed. In short order the combined team developed the initial Prime app that is now used by 98% of their drivers – even though its use is entirely voluntary.  Over time, the app has evolved as Prime’s business has grown.  Today a small team of non-developers is able to maintain the app and can make updates or add new features as needs arise and are brought forward by the business. The applications required by the drivers are now consolidated into a single application that is simple to navigate and loved by the fleet. This vital tool, along with Prime’s amazing company culture, gives them a step up on the competition and has greatly improved their driver experience and contributed to their low driver turnover rate.

Brianne Madura, Assistant Director of Technology at Prime, Inc., says, “Our competitive advantage is really listening to our drivers and having an app that’s flexible to let us mold it the way we want to. Our drivers love our app. Even if they’ve come from another company, we make it feel like they’re home. It is personalized to them. We congratulate them on their awards, we congratulate them on their accomplishments. We make sure that their daily work life is as easy as we can make it.

Our drivers are happy. Our drivers stay because they're happy. We don't require them to use the app, but we have a 99.6% adoption rate.
Brianne Madura
Assistant Director of Technology

The results

Increased driver satisfaction

Easy, fast deployment of new features

Built to Prime’s specifications

Improved communication

Personalization for every driver

Higher driver retention rates

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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