Enhancing Operations and Revenue Growth with a Custom Mobile App

Horizon Transport & Wave Express

Horizon Transport and Wave Express are sister companies based in Wakarusa and Goshen, Indiana. Horizon Transport, the flagship company, has been in the RV delivery industry since 1984. It operates in three divisional categories: flatbed transport, tow away, and drive away. Wave Express primarily services the single tow-away operation with its own fleet of independent contractors.

The problem

The companies were operating with a Unix-based mainframe system, which allowed drivers and customers to access an online interface through a web portal. However, there were limitations with their existing system and they needed to transition to a more robust mobile app environment that would allow them to quickly make changes as their business grew. They also needed to integrate multiple systems into a single interface that their drivers could easily manage.

The solution

The companies partnered with Eleos to build their own custom driver app on the Eleos platform. Their custom app has allowed them to use a simple, easy-to-navigate tool to manage all aspects of their driver experience. To date, the app includes load boards, important news, dispatch communication, training videos, safety information, and a driver referral tab. They also incorporate driver feedback and conduct surveys to better understand what is important to the drivers. The app has become the exclusive tool used to communicate, train, and stay in touch with their drivers – on and off the road, which is a unique approach compared to other carriers who may be using mobile apps as a secondary communication tool.

The Eleos mobile app has become an instrumental tool for the Horizon/Wave team and has helped facilitate significant growth for them in the RV market, which has seen a surge in popularity due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The app has allowed the companies to onboard new drivers quickly with features like same-day sign-on and virtual orientation.

The app has also greatly impacted driver safety, with mandatory monthly safety videos and a plethora of safety resources available to drivers. This includes operational safety training and defensive driver training, among other safety initiatives.

I think the app has had a tremendous impact on our businesses in both revenue growth and safety impact.
Rob Jackson
Director of Strategic Planning

The results

Increased Market Share

Improved Safety

Quickly Scale Business

Enhanced Driver Experience

Streamlined Training and Orientation

Effective Communication

See Eleos in action for yourself

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