Finding Trailers in Record Time and Retaining More Drivers with a Custom Driver App

NAPA Transportation

NAPA Transportation, Inc. (NAPA) is a family-owned and operated trucking company that provides logistical solutions for companies across North America. Based in Mechanicsburg, PA, NAPA has about 500 trucks and 5 terminals spread throughout the eastern United States. Despite changes in the industry, NAPA continues to grow and remains true to their commitments to their employees and customers.

The problem

NAPA Transportation is dedicated to their drivers and continually looking for opportunities to improve the driver experience, as well as their interaction with headquarters.  To this end, they were evaluating options for a flexible driver application that could quickly adapt to its changing business needs, as well as feedback coming directly from drivers. They looked at several off-the-shelf systems but found they didn’t offer the customization and agility they needed to keep up with their fast moving business and the ongoing needs of their drivers.

The solution

Unable to find a tool to fit its needs, NAPA decided to build and deploy their own custom mobile driver application. Rather than build the app themselves, they teamed with Eleos Technologies who helped develop the application and host it on the Eleos platform.  The platform environment gave them the ability to customize the app to fit their unique challenges, as well as reduce the internal development resources needed to build and maintain the application in-house.

“We wanted something that gave us flexibility, that we could customize and change based on business needs. With the Eleos mobile app, being able to have that flexibility was really important to us, and it has certainly been of great value to NAPA and its drivers.”  Jim Brighton, IT Director, NAPA Transportation

Many of the ideas for improvements to the app come through regular communication with their drivers which can be quickly implemented into the app without needing to work with an outside vendor to make changes. Drivers love the ability to influence how the app works and appreciate being recognized for the valuable contribution they make to the company.

NAPA uses their app in all kinds of creative ways. One exciting feature helps drivers locate trailers when they are on the road. This enhancement, developed through driver feedback, puts the driver back on the road faster, eliminates frustration, and contributes to faster deliveries.  Drivers also spend more time driving and less time searching lots for trailers. 

NAPA’s mobile app has also improved driver satisfaction and helped them retain drivers at a much higher rate than the rest of the industry (55% at NAPA vs less than 10% nationally). Keeping more drivers behind the wheel has drastically reduced their need to train new drivers and saves them $1M+ per year in training costs.  

Overall, the NAPA’s custom mobile app has provided a significant competitive advantage to the fleet, enhanced the driver experience and improved communication within the company.

We're proud of our 55% driver turnover rate. Do we think the app is a competitive advantage? Yes. Yes, we believe it is.
Jim Brighton
IT Director

The results

Dramatic training cost savings

Higher log compliance across the fleet

Flexibility to make changes as their business requires

Improved driver satisfaction and retention

Improved communication

Easy/quick system updates

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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