Got Driver Paperwork Issues?
Now They're a Thing of The Past.

Groendyke Transport

Groendyke Transport is one of the largest and most experienced tank-truck carriers in the nation. They provide safe, superior logistics services to consistently deliver value to their customers. Throughout North America, they operate with industry-recognized on-time performance and unparalleled dedication to safe and responsive service.

The problem

In the trucking industry, operational efficiency is key to higher profitability. Optimizing efficiency is an ongoing objective for Groendyke, who is constantly looking for solutions to reduce the time processing paperwork and get their drivers paid. They knew many drivers were taking three days or more to return their paperwork, slowing down billing and requiring lots of unnecessary work from the back office to follow up with drivers. They needed a solution allowing their drivers to submit their paperwork more quickly and looked at several options.

The solution

Groendyke looked to Eleos Technologies to solve their paperwork and communication problems.  This full service custom app – available in or out of the cab on a mobile device – allows drivers to scan and submit their documents in real time, often before the shipment has been unloaded from their trailer. Additional workflow improvements now let dispatch know the status of the load at all times.  Real-time reporting is also key to their success as they gather information to make crucial decisions about each delivery.

“In the past it often took us two or three days to communicate with drivers and get that paperwork back,” says IT Director Cory Nakvinda. “We’re getting ready to roll out a feature to automatically message the driver within 12 hours that we didn’t receive their paperwork—and which pieces we did not receive. They will see a to-do, with a scan button, and it will also bring in the document ID. So all the driver has to do is hit the button, take the picture of the document, hit send—and go on with their job.”

“The paperwork is submitted in real time, and we’re able to accurately match up the data in our TMS and kick off our back-end billing processes,” Nakvinda says. “The platform has really improved our efficiency.”

Following the successful resolution to their paperwork issue, Groendyke is now planning even more ambitious developments to their system and finding many ways to increase their productivity and improve the driver’s experience. They are automating workflows, utilizing built-in navigation tools, and deploying other features that dramatically improve the driver’s experience and save the back office hours of work each day.

The paperwork is submitted in real-time, and we can accurately match up the data in our TMS and kick off our back-end billing processes. The platform has really improved our efficiency.
Cory Nakvinda
IT Director

The results

Drivers can submit paperwork in a simple way using the scanning feature of their custom driver app

Automated alerts to the drivers mean paperwork is submitted on time with less manual follow-up work for the back office team

Drivers are getting paid faster and are more satisfied with their work jobs

The Eleos platform is opening up new opportunities to improve efficiencies in the driver experience

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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