(Almost) 100% Log Verification Compliance! How Did They Do It?

NAPA Transportation

Founded in 1991, NAPA now hauls for some of the largest companies in America. Their competitive nature and think-outside-the-box approach give them the ability to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing industry. A key part of this approach is finding creative solutions to problems that mobilecomm simply cannot solve.

The problem

Keeping up-to-date logs is a critical part of maintaining a good Compliance, Safety & Accountability (CSA) score—which in turn affects a host of elements, from insurance premiums to the charge-out rate a fleet can command. NAPA had a major issue with as many as 75% of their drivers not verifying their logs within the required timeframe. This noncompliance opened the company up to significant liabilities, and the possibility of drivers being ticketed if they were pulled over. The problem with unverified logs was so bad at NAPA that they employed a full-time person who was devoted to following up with drivers to get their logs verified. NAPA needed a creative solution to ensure drivers verified their logs on time and remained compliant.

The solution

Using their custom driver app (powered by Eleos), NAPA used data available from their telematics system to quickly identify drivers who were out of compliance.  Armed with this information, NAPA made a quick logic change in their driver app to remove upcoming trip details for any driver who was out of compliance.  Once the logs have been submitted the trip details reappear, the driver is in compliance with NAPA’s log rules, and the driver is on their way.

If it exceeds that time period (48 Hours), they’re not going to be able to get their next trip until they sit down and verify their logs,” NAPA’s IT Director, Jim Brighton, explains. “This has resulted in a new habit where drivers now understand if they don’t verify their logs, they’re not going to be able to move trips.

Thanks to the flexibility of the Eleos platform, which powers NAPA’s mobile driver app, NAPA’s log verification problem was gone. Unverified logs are now a thing of the past. “Drivers out of compliance is approaching 0%,” Brighton says.

Drivers out of compliance is approaching 0%
Jim Brighton
IT Director

The results

Overnight, driver log compliance went from 25% to more than 93%

With a simple logic change in their custom Eleos-powered mobile driver app, NAPA eliminated 40 hours per week of administrative overhead

The employee who was previously monitoring unverified logs and chasing down drivers is now taking on more productive work

The risk of non-compliance-related fines and penalties has been greatly reduced

Drivers have now developed the habit of submitting their logs in a timely manner and can continue to work more efficiently

See Eleos in action for yourself

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