Smaller Fleet Gets Big Fleet Benefits From Their Custom Mobile App

Ezzell Trucking

Ezzell Trucking, a third-generation family-owned trucking company, has been operating since 1951 and is based in Eastern North Carolina. The company began moving produce and other supplies for local farmers.  Today, with 65 trucks, Ezzell specializes in hauling wood byproducts for the forestry industry.

The problem

Despite their decades-long legacy and commitment to excellence, Ezzell Trucking faced significant operational challenges. Their existing ELD system was unreliable, causing tracking and managing operations inefficiencies. Over-reliance on paper-based processes led to manual data entry, which became cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. The lack of a real-time, efficient system meant that drivers struggled to receive and process workflow effectively, resulting in wasted time and frustration as drivers sat and waited as long as 60 minutes for updates. Ezzell was looking for a robust mobile driver app to help simplify, streamline, and digitize their manual processes. As a small fleet with limited resources, they needed a solution that offered the advanced features used by major fleets, but didn’t want to break the bank to get it.

The solution

Ezzell may be small, but they have the same challenges faced by fleets many times their size. Like almost every fleet, they needed to reduce their paperwork and manual entry processes, improve their communication with real-time updates, and enhance their ability to customize their workflows based on customer needs. Luckily, these issues had already been addressed for much larger fleets using the Eleos platform which has been built, and thoroughly tested, to solve dozens of common issues faced by the industry. These solutions, as well as TMS and telematics integrations, have been built so new fleets don’t have to start from scratch to get their custom app.  Fleets of all sizes are able to leverage features available to the entire platform without the need for extensive technical skills or the cost of building an app on their own.

“If we tried to do this on our own, it would be next to impossible. Projects like this would take a year or more to get all the kinks worked out. We just don’t have the resources in place to have something like this and to be able to use the same platform that some of these national carriers are using is huge.”

Ezzell Trucking’s search for a custom app led them to Eleos Technologies and ASR Solutions, a certified Eleos integrator. Eleos’s platform was a perfect match, providing the flexibility and real-time updates Ezzell needed.

In collaboration with Ezzell, and using the pre-built components available on the Eleos platform, ASR Solutions was able to deliver a fully customized app in less than 30 days.  During their pilot, Ezzell was thrilled to see the functionality they needed. And to their delight, the solution was available to them in record time and at a much lower cost than building and maintaining it on their own.

“One of the best benefits of being a smaller fleet is the ability to be flexible, innovative, and quick,” Ezzell noted. “Those qualities are what we found in the Eleos app as well. … Using the same app platform as larger carriers has allowed us to adapt resources that we otherwise wouldn’t have known existed to creatively solve problems. … We have the ability to move our internal processes from a very paper-dependent process to largely automated, which has allowed us to have faster billing and payroll, and the integration capabilities that Eleos offers with our ELD partner has streamlined our driver’s day and allows for quick and easy updates.”

Stand-out benefits of the Ezzell custom driver app include:

  • Enterprise Level Features: Access to the same features and functionality used by some of the largest carriers in the industry, even though they are a small fleet.
  • Flexibility: The platform is adaptable and will evolve as the business changes over time, allowing the fleet to future-proof their operations.
  • Real-time updates: The integration with Ezzell’s TMS software enabled instant updates to a driver’s workflow as changes occurred, allowing them to quickly streamline operations.
  • Document scanning capabilities: This feature facilitates digitization, reducing the company’s reliance on paper processes and shortening the billing and payment process.
  • Accessibility: Drivers can access the app outside the cab on their own personal smartphone (iOS or Android) or on a tablet in their truck, greatly improving ease of use and accessibility.
Having everything integrated into a simple, easy-to-navigate screen is, from a driver's perspective, fantastic.
Catherine Ezzell Joyner

The results

Data-Driven Decision Making

Real-time insights

Improved Driver Experience

Increased Efficiency

Business Continuity

See Eleos in action for yourself

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