Making Driver's Lives Easier

TMC Transportation

With over 45 years of experience, TMC has the knowledge required to handle the freight shipping needs of any business. TMC is an employee-owned company. This employee ownership keeps them focused on what’s important to their customers. By partnering with Eleos, TMC is able to provide excellent remote training and resources to its drivers that enable them to deliver dynamic solutions for their customers’ shipping needs.

The Problem

TMC needed a highly customizable way to deliver rich-media information and communicate effectively with drivers via their mobile devices.

Our Solution

Using the Eleos Platform, TMC was able to create a highly customized driver mobile app that gives drivers everything needed while on the road. The mobile app includes dispatch information, two-way messaging, training videos, pay stub information, exception reporting, and more. Drivers give the app high praise for making their lives easier.

Having our mobile app has put us leaps and bounds ahead of our competition.
Travis Johnson

Are you ready to make your drivers' lives easier?