Custom Driver App - Build VS Buy?

US Xpress

US Xpress is taking on the industry’s three biggest challenges; breaking the invisible ceiling, halting driver turnover, and reshaping the brokerage model. All these challenges are being addressed with a driver experience powered by Eleos.

The problem

US Xpress, a long-time Eleos Technologies customer, has always prided itself on its ability to deliver best-in-class technology to its drivers. To support this effort, they have a substantial technology team of system experts, developers, analysts, and others who work tirelessly to ensure their drivers have the best experience possible and the information needed to do their jobs.

In early 2022 US Xpress was considering the option to build a new driver app from scratch and abandon their older system.  They wanted to add new capabilities and were looking to their internal team to build the functionality. This effort would require a dedicated team of developers and analysts to complete the build and would have taken many months to develop. The app would also require ongoing full-time support to ensure the new tool integrated with their other systems and grew as enhancements were added over time.

The problem at hand was the decision to add the additional expense required to build and support a new driver app versus the cost to update their existing custom app powered by the Eleos platform. They were up against the age-old question faced by all technology teams: should we build or buy?

The solution

During their contract renewal process, US Xpress reached out to their Eleos account manager to help in their decision and to better understand how they could leverage their existing custom app. A product review was scheduled with US Xpress’ extended technical team to outline their needs and determine how they could accomplish their goals using their existing custom app, powered by Eleos, rather than build their own from scratch. With all the right people in the room, it was determined that US Xpress’ needs could be accomplished in their existing custom app through creative updates and deploying a few new features in the platform. This meant there would be no need to move ahead with a new internal custom app and incur those extra costs.  With some customization and creativity, they could do everything they needed using their existing app, leaving their technical team time to develop custom workflows and integrations rather than develop a new tool.

“When you’re doing the evaluation between building and buying, obviously a lot of factors come into play,” says Corey Goux, Senior Director of IT. “Fleet size, your capabilities, what platforms and technologies you have in your organization. Looking at that holistically will help you come to the right decision. For us, both the savings and technological benefits of building our own custom app, powered by the Eleos platform, were significant. It allowed us to leverage the integration strengths of the platform and focus our efforts on the driver experience and building custom workflows. It was really easy to do a side by side comparison of the total cost,” says Goux. “It became a simple math problem—and it was significantly cheaper going the Eleos route.”

For US Xpress the decision was clear. Building their own drivers app, driven by the Eleos platform, allowed them to develop the sophisticated workflows and integrations they wanted without employing a team of developers to do the work and maintain the system. The platform allowed them the flexibility to get what they needed and use their valuable internal resources for other tasks.

The initial costs of building our own app were pretty well known and defined, but then you have the ongoing costs after that. There are a lot of unknowns, and those costs can quickly increase based on unforeseen factors. With Eleos, we know what our set costs are. We can budget for the year exactly what that's gonna be. Plus, the end result is an amazing custom application (built to our specifications) that our drivers love using, so it’s a win on all levels.
Corey Goux
Senior Director of IT

The results

Dramatic savings to US Xpress through sticking with their existing custom driver app

Valuable technical resources could remain focused on other projects

The updated custom driver app includes many new features requested by US Xpress drivers

Drivers are more satisfied with the experience and working for US Xpress

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