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The problem

WEL had an outdated, monolithic in-cab system app that had reached the limit of its abilities. It did an okay job, but it required lots of upkeep and was not scalable beyond the functionality built by the manufacturer.  WEL needed to deploy a new system that offered modern workflow features, while at the same time preserving the look and feel of the system their drivers were used to using.

As Gerry Pitt, Director of Information Technology, puts it: “We had a lot of frustrations with the legacy system. The drivers still appreciated the app we had, but it was so clunky. We didn’t have the ability to quickly make changes based on requests or needs coming from our drivers.”

“We really wanted to build the ground level, make that stable, and then put together a round-table group of drivers and trainers to talk to us about enhancements they would want us to make,” says Pitt. “We wanted to create a roadmap of changes that we could roll out in small increments, for the good of the efficiency of the driver.”

Armed with these requirements, WEL went on search of a system that was more open and offered the flexibility to integrate their disparate systems into a single platform.

The solution

Teaming with Eleos Technologies, WEL developed a custom app that looks virtually identical to the old one, enabling them to roll out the new tool with very little disruption to their driver’s experience.  The only noticeable change was the use of a new tablet that replaced their old in-cab unit, as well as a fantastic mobile app that allows drivers to manage many aspects of their drive from wherever they are.  New features like document scanning, fuel optimization, and safety systems were among a few of the enhancements that took their new solution beyond what was available in their in-cab app.  And to top it off, the drivers didn’t have a noticeable change to their experience.

With this update, WEL is now in a position to take driver suggestions, make workflow changes, and improve their service as they provide more and more tools to their drivers through the app.  These enhancements work together seamlessly in their new app so there’s no need for expensive development or maintenance cost to update the system in the years to come.

It was a super easy transition. Nobody really even felt the change other than they got a new tablet with the enhancements they had been asking for.
Gerry Pitt
Director of Information Technology

The results

Drivers have the tools needed to do their jobs – all in a single app with a single sign-on into their required systems

The transition was done seamlessly without disrupting the driver’s routine

Drivers have a great feedback mechanism to request enhancements to their system – and are feeling heard by the fleet

The new app allows WEL to extend almost any system into the platform, opening up unlimited possibilities to manage their fleet and improve the driver experience

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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