Using Eleos to Create Dynamic COVID-19 Health Screenings

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Using dynamic forms within the Eleos Platform, J&M Tank Lines has been able to create a daily COVID-19 health screening that drivers must fill out at the beginning of each workday. Watch Scott Applefeld of ASR Solutions walk through the custom form to see how this dynamic use of the Eleos Platform helps keep drivers safe.

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Full Video Transcription:

Wes Pollock 0:06
Hi. This is Wes Pollock, Vice President of Sales for Eleos Technologies. Over the past few weeks, the current COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of business challenges for trucking companies. We’ve had several customers ask us how they could leverage the Eleos mobile platform to provide daily health screenings for their drivers so that they can report that to their shippers and receivers. With me today, I’ve got the owner of ASR Solutions. Scott Applefeld, Scott’s going to do a quick two, three minute demo of how he was able to leverage our dynamic form system to create this type of reporting for customers.


Scott Applefeld 0:39
Thanks, Wes.

So I just want to take a moment to call out our long term customer who was the one who provided this idea for us and who we worked with to build this functionality into the platform. Harold Summerford Jr. at J&M Tank Lines in Birmingham, Alabama. Harold is actually also the second vice-chairman of the ATA. He and his team had the idea and need to be able to check in with the drivers daily and to understand if they were showing any symptoms or possible items of concern that might indicate they had been infected, or were sick with COVID-19 so that they could stop them from performing their work and make sure their internal employees, their shippers, and their consignees running safe. So the way that we approach this in the platform, I’ll just take a moment here to share my demo app and kind of walk through it you guys can you can see that okay, right, Wes.

Wes Pollock 1:27
I’ve got you.

Scott Applefeld 1:28

Wes Pollock 1:29
Looks good.

Scott Applefeld 1:29

So, at the beginning of every driver’s day, they’re prompted to perform a daily health screening. So once a day, they’re asked at the beginning of their shift to check-in and provide that information. And we use it…

Wes Pollock 1:41
This just shows up on the driver dashboard.

Scott Applefeld 1:44
Yes, right at the top, although we are exploring, possibly integrating it into workflow as well, so that it’s a requirement before the driver actually performs any trip work that day. So we’re doing something called dynamic forms in Eleos, which is essentially where information about one question prompts the visibility or control flow of other questions. So what I’ve done is we simply set up a basic form that sort of walks the driver through the steps here. So the drivers instructed that, you know, they need to provide their information. And the first thing they need to give is, of course, the date they’re taking it. Once they provide the date, the first question is asking them whether they have any reason to believe they’ve been exposed to the COVID-19 virus. And these questions were architected by J&M. They selected what they felt the drivers should be asked for, and the symptom list from CDC recommendations.

Wes Pollock 2:32
So this can be completely customized depending on what the customers need is?

Scott Applefeld 2:36
Absolutely you could change it to do any sort of form questions or workflow that you wanted to progress as they answered the different questions that were prompted.

Wes Pollock 2:45

Scott Applefeld 2:46
So if I say yes to this question, I’m actually given the opportunity to explain in-depth and provide more information about why I believe I’ve been exposed. If I say no, of course, I simply continue on through the form. Obviously, if you once you say yes, and then you answer a question it would also allow you to continue through the form. So I’m then prompted for information about whether I’ve traveled internationally in the past 14 days. Have I been too explicit other countries that are known to have high infection rates? Do I experience any of the current symptoms so it’ll prompt me for information about dry cough, fever, respiratory distress, fatigue, chills, muscle or body aches, sore throat, nausea, so on and so forth. Now, if I have do not have any symptoms, I can simply sign the form and send it in. However, if I have reported any of these symptoms as occurring, for instance, let’s say I have experienced nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, you’ll notice that it actually provides an additional prompt, alerting the driver that they need to stop immediately and contact us before proceeding with their day. So they confirm that they will do so they can sign the form with an e-signature, and send it in.

Wes Pollock 3:54
So where does that form go, Scott?

Scott Applefeld 3:59
Great question. So Currently, the form is sent in via email. So if there is a positive response on any of the items, if the driver has indicated he has a problem, then the Safety Department and the dispatcher can receive it via email and be alerted to the condition. In addition to having the driver call in. We’re actually exploring at Harold’s insight, a further enhancement to that we will automatically send it to the shipper and the consignee as soon as they arrive at the facility for that day. So every time they perform an arrival, we’ll pull the driver’s health screening, showing that he confirmed no symptoms of any kind and self-certified and send it to them via email as well. So they can be sure that it’s safe to have the driver involved and operating at their location.

Wes Pollock 4:44
Scott, this has been great, appreciate you taking the time to do a quick demo. If anybody has any questions you’re welcome to reach out directly to me. Shoot me an email at wes.pollock@eleostech.com. And I hope everybody stays safe out there. Take care.

Scott Applefeld 4:57
Thank you.

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