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Fleet Efficiency

Listen to what a few of our clients say about how their fleets have become more efficient using their custom mobile app.

Automated 70% of their lumper payments.

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Saves 30-45 minutes finding trailers.

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Increased drive time by 60 minutes per load.

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Reduced weather-related accidents by 80%.

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Improved driver fuel stop efficiencies.

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Automated Lumper Payment Process Improves Efficiency by 70%

K&B Transportation

K&B Transportation was grappling with the challenge of managing expenses, particularly in the reefer business where lumper payments are a common occurrence. Their process was very manual and time-consuming, requiring drivers to call their dispatcher every time they needed to process a lumper payment for their load.  In turn, rather than leveraging an automated billing system, dispatchers were required to set up a manual payment for every lumper payment load, requiring lots of extra work. This system was not only inefficient, but also lacked proper reporting and audit mechanisms required to make sure they were compliant.

Their Results

Transparency in payment process

More efficient driver experience

Better use of employee time

Increased driver time

Improved work environment

Universally accepted

Finding Trailers in Record Time and Retaining More Drivers with a Custom Driver App

NAPA Transportation

NAPA Transportation is dedicated to their drivers and continually looking for opportunities to improve the driver experience, as well as their interaction with headquarters.  To this end, they were evaluating options for a flexible driver application that could quickly adapt to its changing business needs, as well as feedback coming directly from drivers. They looked at several off-the-shelf systems but found they didn’t offer the customization and agility they needed to keep up with their fast moving business and the ongoing needs of their drivers.

Their Results

Dramatic training cost savings

Higher log compliance

Flexibility to make changes

Improved driver retention

Improved communication

Easy & quick system updates

Smaller Fleet Gets Big Fleet Benefits From Their Custom Mobile App

Ezzell Trucking

Despite their decades-long legacy and commitment to excellence, Ezzell Trucking faced significant operational challenges. Their existing ELD system was unreliable, causing tracking and managing operations inefficiencies. Over-reliance on paper-based processes led to manual data entry, which became cumbersome, time-consuming, and prone to mistakes. The lack of a real-time, efficient system meant that drivers struggled to receive and process workflow effectively, resulting in wasted time and frustration as drivers sat and waited as long as 60 minutes for updates. Ezzell was looking for a robust mobile driver app to help simplify, streamline, and digitize their manual processes. As a small fleet with limited resources, they needed a solution that offered the advanced features used by major fleets, but didn’t want to break the bank to get it.

Their Results

Data-Driven Decision Making

Real-time insights

Improved Driver Experience

Increased Efficiency

Business Continuity

Using Weather Alerts to Improve Safety and Lower Insurance Rates

K&B Transportation

K&B Transportation, like most fleets in North America, face challenges when drivers encounter inclement weather conditions and need to be re-routed or taken off the road completely. Their accident rate was higher than they wanted, threatening the safety of their drivers, damaging expensive equipment, slowing down shipments, and impacting their insurance rates. To resolve these concerns, they needed a way to easily notify their drivers and ensure they were taking the precautions necessary to avoid bad weather incidents.

Their Results

Increased driver communication

Higher driver satisfaction and safety

Better protect assets and freight

Improved insurance and liability risk

Fewer accidents across the fleet

Improved communications with customers

Custom Driver App Improves Driver Satisfaction

Knight-Swift Transportation

In years past, like many carriers, Knight Transportation drivers were using many different systems to manage their loads and communicate with their dispatch team. The list of required technologies was growing every year and their drivers were frustrated as they used an in-cab solution to jump between multiple systems to manage their day. There seemed to be a different system for each task they had to perform and each application required training, password management, and software updates. Knight has always been dedicated to supporting their drivers with the best technology available, so they set out to find a solution to improve their driver’s experience.

Their Results

Drivers are more connected

Reduced administrative overhead

Tools consolidated into a single app

Drivers are getting paid faster

Improved job satisfaction

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