Mobile App 1.46.4

⭐️  Metered Map Updates: Updates to the map data used for display and turn-by-turn navigation normally occur automatically in the mobile apps. Although these updates are differential, updates for devices with a large amount of map data preloaded can be quite large. For customers with limited data plans where cellular data consumption needs to be strictly controlled, we’ve added the disallow_metered_map_downloads flag to disable automatic map updates over cellular connections. When enabled, users will only be able to download map update files while connected to Wi-Fi. When a user’s map data falls out of date, they’ll see a trip policy reminding them to trigger a map update at the next opportunity. You can learn more about the details of the flag in the user authentication section of the documentation.

 ✅  As usual, this version of the Platform mobile app is designed to be backward-compatible with your existing web services and doesn’t require server changes prior to being deployed. If a future version introduces a backward-incompatible change, we’ll note that in this portion of the release notes.

Server and App Editor

The following items are server-side changes and are available without a mobile app update.

🔧 We no longer show adverse driving and other HOS exemptions on the dashboard HOS card, lock screen, and during navigation when Geotab or Eleos ELD is in use as the telematics provider. Drivers can check to see what exemptions are in effect by tapping into the Geotab/Eleos ELD interface.

🐞 Creating a news or media library dashboard card or menu item and leaving the target news feed or media library dropdown unchanged will no longer result in a broken menu item or dashboard card when viewed in the mobile app. (Previously, you had to select a different news feed and then re-select the first one as a workaround.)


🔧 Added support for pluggable routing

🔧 Disabled live traffic overlay on the route overview screen to reduce data consumption

🐞 Fixed a bug where the “Driving left” clock was not consistently displayed on 10” iPads

🐞 During navigation, text-to-speech enabled push messages now display a banner until the driver chooses to play the message or dismiss it, rather than the banner disappearing automatically after a delay

🐞 Fixed an issue where occasionally traffic re-routes would be offered during navigation more frequently than the intended 10-minute interval

🐞 Fixed tunnel category route options not getting set appropriately

🐞 Fixed “weight per axle” route setting not getting set appropriately

🐞 Fixed route messaging (trip planner and navigation) where violations, warnings that were not shown appropriately

🐞 Fixed issue with muting a policy on an iOS device where it was not being reflected on Android devices used by the same driver


🔧 Disabled live traffic overlay on the route overview screen to reduce data consumption

🐞 Fixed several issues with resume navigation that might cause navigation to restart from scratch rather than continuing ongoing turn-by-turn instructions

🐞 Fixed a bug where sometimes you could navigate in satellite view, causing higher than normal data usage

🐞 Fixed a bug where validation of a multi-pick field is not working and preventing form submission

🐞 Fixed a rare crash that sometimes happens in Trip Planner after calculating a route

🐞 Fixed a rare crash that sometimes happens in Trip Planner when moving a map pin

🐞 Fixed a bug where difficult maneuver message on tablets would be cut off

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