Mobile App 1.53

⭐️ OpenCab Identity and HOS Updates: As OpenCab evolves to accommodate more integration partners, we must update our implementation to stay compliant with the specification. The most recent OpenCab changes include team driving support and a new Hours of Service (HOS) clock value meant to give HOS providers more precise control over how clocks are formatted and displayed.

You can now leverage the team_drivers_enabled flag in the Driver Status endpoint to enable logging in a team driver on any OpenCab-compliant HOS provider. Please note that adding a team driver does not allow for viewing the team driver’s messages, loads, documents, etc. in the mobile app. 

We completed this work in preparation to move our Geotab integration to OpenCab. We will provide further information and guidance on how to utilize the new Geotab integration once it’s complete. 

⭐️ iOS Two-Column Dashboard: The app dashboard now displays card items in two columns instead of just one, providing a more efficient and intuitive interface for users. On iPads, the dashboard always shows two columns, taking full advantage of the larger screen space. On iPhones, the two-column dashboard is available exclusively in landscape mode, allowing users to view more card items at once and access information more efficiently. This brings the iOS dashboard into parity with the Android dashboard, which already offers a two-column layout on tablets.

iPad Dashboard Now Has a Two Column Layout

🔧 iOS Dynamic Font: We’ve updated the dashboard UI on iOS to honor the device’s font size settings.

iPhone font size


🐞 Fixed a bug where selecting a stop in the stop list and then selecting a difficult maneuver would not deselect the previously selected stop.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where tapping “Move pin” and then tapping another stop in the stop list would cause all route markers to disappear. 

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where tapping “Move pin” and then tapping the current location button would cause all route markers to disappear.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where tapping “Move pin” and then reordering the stop list causes a different pin to be selected as the movable pin.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where the “Move pin” button would erroneously appear when selecting a difficult maneuver from the stop list.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where a duplicate pin could unexpectedly appear while attempting to move a pin.


🔧 Geolocation in Embedded Browser: You can now use standard web APIs to access the user’s location from web pages displayed in the embedded browser.  This brings the Android embedded browser into parity with the iOS embedded browser, which already supports geolocation.


✅ As usual, this version of the Platform mobile app is designed to be backwards-compatible with your existing web services and doesn’t require server changes prior to being deployed. If a future version introduces a backwards-incompatible change, we’ll note that in this portion of the release notes.

Server and App Editor

The following items are server-side changes and are available without a mobile app update.

⭐️ Pluggable Routing Enhancements: This release includes enhancements related to Pluggable Routing. 

  • We’ve added a fallback mechanism to Pluggable Routing. In the event that a Pluggable Route cannot be delivered to a driver, the app will automatically switch to our native HERE routing engine as a fallback. This ensures uninterrupted navigation, providing your drivers with a truck-safe route every time. You can opt out of the fallback mechanism by setting router.enable_fallback to false in your Loads response. With this enhancement, you are encouraged to provide truck attributes with every route request, so that they can be considered in the event the HERE routing engine is utilized as a fallback.
  • If Pluggable Routing fails to deliver a route to the driver and you do not have the fallback mechanism enabled, you now have the ability to customize the error message that’s displayed in the app. The message can be customized on a per-load basis using the router.route_failure_message property on loads. 

⭐️ Trip Change Notifications: 

Trip Change Notifications now include additional information related to navigation, including whether or not a route was successfully delivered to the driver, which routing engine was used to compute the route, and whether or not the Pluggable Routing to HERE fallback mechanism was enabled. 

⭐️ Trip Planner Studio – Search Results Pagination: Trip Plan searches in Trip Planner Studio now have pagination to help with loading a large number of trip plans.

🔧 Optimized message storage to increase server performance. 

🔧 Removed deprecated Eleos Drive ELD option from the Geotab Configuration section of Service Config.

🐞 Fixed a bug where offline workflow would not advance when the next workflow status contained a pre-filled Document Type or Option List form field. The bug occurred on the server and does not require a mobile app upgrade. 

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner Studio that occasionally caused the map to not load when opened in a new tab.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner Studio that caused a Trip Plan to not display a route or snapshots when the driver added and deleted a via.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner Studio where the route distance and time for a trip plan did not match the app if a latitude and longitude were missing.

🐞 The Custom Screens preview in App Editor now respects line breaks used in the Description input.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Documents API that caused documents not to download when the filename included a special character or emoji.

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