Mobile App 1.51

⚠️ Final Reminder –  Embedded Geotab Integration: Eleos’s embedded Geotab model will sunset on January 31st, 2023. After January 31st, 2023, the embedded model will no longer be functional, meaning that the embedded integration will be removed from our code base and our US ELD certification will be revoked. Therefore, you must move to the two-app Geotab model before the end of January for your drivers to remain FMCSA compliant.

We have a new integration that preserves some of the benefits of the embedded integration, including auto-provisioning of drivers and single sign-on. To learn more about this integration model and how to migrate to it, please review our migration playbook. If you have any questions about the migration, you can reach out to your Account Executive, who can provide additional resources. 

⚠️ WARNING: Effective March 31, 2023 Trip Planner and turn-by-turn will no longer function on Eleos apps version 1.48 and prior due to our routing provider’s sunset of the API used in those apps. Drivers must upgrade to version 1.49 or newer to retain mapping and navigation functionality after March 31, 2023.

⭐️ OpenCab Identity Provider:  Eleos Android apps can now provide identity information following the OpenCab Identity Information contract. The contract shares driver information and login credentials. If enabled by your authentication service, your app will now share this data with OpenCab Identity consumer apps when the app detects a change to the data or a driver logs in or out of the app. You can enable this behavior via the opencab_configuration property on an authentication response.

🔧 Decrease app update and release time: We’ve made changes to our internal tooling that provide Eleos with greater ability to manage the configuration of test users. We believe this will help to expedite the publication of new and upgraded mobile apps to the app stores.


🔧 Reduced the max POI search corridor from ten to five miles on the Trip Planner.

🐞 Fixed a bug where form fields defined as uneditable were able to be edited in the app. You can read more about which form field types support the editable flag under the fields property

🐞 Fixed a bug where stops added by address did not display the address in the stop list after being added. 

🐞 Fixed a bug where the icons used to reorder pages after scanning documents weren’t visible.

🐞 Fixed a bug where the “Edit” button to access the hours of service options screen was not tappable while in landscape.

🐞 Fixed a bug on iPad where the app erroneously allowed for scanning while in landscape mode.

🐞 Disabled multitasking (two different apps, side-by-side, on screen) on iPad since we don’t officially support it at this time and it caused a variety of UI issues.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where blue pins would not be the correct color after moving pins.

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where a via point could be added if there were less than two valid stops with latitude and longitude coordinates in the stop list.

🐞 Fixed a bug in navigation where a text-to-speech message could be played repeatedly to the user if a reroute was blocked and a text-to-speech message was provided. 

🐞 Fixed a bug in Trip Planner where the HOS remaining shown on the map would incorrectly display the current device time and not the time driving availability would run out on the route.

🐞 Fixed a bug around trip policy status where a result would time out and return an error before finishing policy computation thus displaying a gray error box to the user. 

🐞 Fixed a bug where the route ribbon would not display correctly in Trip Planner and in Trip Planner Studio when using pluggable routing. 


🔧 Reduced the max POI search corridor from ten to five miles on the Trip Planner.

🐞 Fixed a bug where a trailing comma would appear at the end of an added stop address in the stop list in Trip Planner.

🐞 Fixed a bug where the application might crash if signature drawn into a signature form field was too small.

🐞 Fixed a bug where the ‘Driving hours available’ field under Trip Settings would display an invalid time error. 

🐞 Fixed a bug where Stop menu options for added stops would not fully display Cancel menu item.

✅ As usual, this version of the Platform mobile app is designed to be backwards-compatible with your existing web services and doesn’t require server changes prior to being deployed. If a future version introduces a backwards-incompatible change, we’ll note that in this portion of the release notes.

Server and App Editor

The following items are server-side changes and are available without a mobile app update.

⭐️ Drag and Drop: We’ve added the ability for users to reorder items on the Platform Dashboard using drag and drop. You can use drag and drop on the Media Library and Forms pages as those tend to be the largest lists.

🔧 Enhanced API Key Security: We’ve updated the Service Configuration page on the Platform Dashboard to follow standard API key security practices around storing and displaying your keys. Going forward, when generating a new API key, the key will now only be visible at the time of creation. 

🐞 Fixed a bug where only some user fields were working in load and stop contexts. You can learn more about data references and which fields are supported in the Data References section of the documentation.

🐞 Fixed a bug where a form could have multiple fields with the same code, causing errors when downloading documents via the Powershell document script.

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