Platform Release

⭐️ App Editor – Historical News Items: While you’ve always been able to retrieve the full text of your news posts via API, you could only view the first 200 characters in the App Editor. Now you can expand news items in the App Editor to view the full copy. We’ve also added a unique identifier to make it easier to correlate news items in the App Editor to news items retrieved or updated via API.

Platform news articles now have a show more/less option


⭐️ News Items API – Images and Videos: Until now, you’ve had to add images and videos to your news items via the App Editor. We’ve updated the News Items API to allow you to manage images and videos within your news posts. This allows you to post news items to multiple feeds without manually creating each post, synchronize news items with media from another CMS, or post news items on a coordinated schedule.

⭐️ Trip Change Notifications: If you’re taking advantage of trip change notifications, you’ll notice we’ve added additional trip change events to keep you even more informed as drivers plan and execute loads. New trip change notifications include:

  • When driver starts navigation
  • When driver avoids a difficult maneuver
  • When a reroute occurs, which can be triggered by the driver navigating off the prescribed route, or when the driver accepts a new route generated by the system due to traffic or weather, etc.

⭐️ Error API: In addition to monitoring web service and integration issues through the Error Console in the Platform Dashboard, you can now access the same data through the Error API. This API allows you to programmatically retrieve and process the most recent errors logged by the Eleos Platform. For more detailed information about the Error API, see the developer documentation.

🔧 Updated policy messages for consistency between policy types and to make them easier to understand at a glance.

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