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Two-way real-time messaging with free-form and form/macro support

No more laborious manual data entry. Drivers and dispatch can chat in real time using a modern interface, and drivers can send entire batches of information about completed workflow steps with the tap of a button, instead of having to type everything out in multiple messages.

Unlimited customizable dashboards

Tailor the main view that your drivers see, and create different dashboards for different drivers and situations. You want new drivers to see a different view than experienced ones? You can do that. Should refrigerated loads have different options displayed than flat-beds? You can do that too. Any variable you want can be used to create a custom dashboard for a custom segment.

Unlimited customizable menus

Just as you can create unlimited custom dashboards, you can also create custom navigation menus in the app, depending on what your drivers need to see.

Multi-platform support (iOS & Android)

Eleos is a complete in-cab solution, but it works on any smartphone too. This means that drivers can use it wherever and whenever they want, without being tied to the tablet in their truck. This gives them freedom to use downtime efficiently, and spend less time in their cab when they aren’t driving. They love this.

Unlimited customizable news feeds

Upload news to your Eleos system and share it with drivers through the app. You can send out simple text and image articles, and high-quality videos.

Unlimited customizable media libraries

Upload and organize videos so drivers can easily access them on the go—whether it’s training, instructions, or news. Keep track of who has watched what, so that you can spot gaps in training and follow up when necessary.

Unlimited custom screens

create any number of unique screens/pages that can collect information from your drivers, display important information to your drivers, and really anything you can imagine

Voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation

No need for third-party navigation apps that aren’t designed with truck-safe routes in mind. Eleos tells drivers exactly where to go without any dodgy routes.

Truck-safe routing

specify truck attributes that help generate a safe route for each and every size, shape, or type of truck – eg: weight, height, hazmat, etc

Integrated weather

Drivers can easily see inclement weather along their route, so they can plan their routes accordingly, and don’t get stuck without any Hours of Service.

Interactive maps

Eliminate inaccurate GPS directions from systems that only know where the center of a depot is—not its entrance. Improve your data by crowd-sourcing new latitude & longitude data from a reliable source, your drivers. Drivers can correct navigation by entering the entrance location on a satellite view. Eleos will remember this and navigate to it with pin-point accuracy every time.

Intelligent in-motion locking

Great as Eleos is, most of the time you don’t want your drivers looking at it. With intelligent locking, safety is improved on the road, and accidents are less likely. Easily prevent distracted driving.

Trip Policies

profit-based dynamic routing solution. With this new patent-pending solution, you can know exactly when a driver is dynamically rerouted or when a driver makes changes to the original trip plan, and what the impact will be

Pluggable Routing

Pluggable Routing allows you to import a route from a third-party routing engine for use in Trip Planner and turn-by-turn navigation. You can configure Pluggable Routing on a per-load basis. When enabled, Eleos requests all routes for a load from the server of your choice, including reroutes. Drivers continue to have access to all features offered in Trip Planner such as location updates, trip policies, difficult maneuver warnings, and more. Pluggable Routing is also supported in Trip Planner Studio, so your back office teams can continue to stay informed about driver intent even when providing your own routes.

Points of Interest Library

Built-in search for points of interest along a route, such as truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and more, in addition to your own unlimited customizable points of interest datasets

Trip Planner Studio

tool for the back-office to be able to easily plan drivers routes – as the driver would/will see them – and review any current trips/routes

Historical snapshots of drivers’ trip plans

the ability to review any and every change a driver made to their trip or any other changes that were made based on traffic re-routes or other factors — this is within Trip Planner Studio

Visual traffic indicators on maps

similar to Google Maps or Waze — gives the driver clear indications of how traffic flow is — live traffic or historical traffic while they are planning their trip(s)

Future Route Planning

plan future routes based on historical traffic patterns, adjustable HOS, and departure times — both in the app and in Trip Planner Studio

View HOS on map

drivers can see when/where they will run out of HOS and be able to plan accordingly

Unlimited customizable workflows

create custom workflows for any action or function…even down to the load or stop level based on your business logic, not some “standard”, cookie-cutter workflow

High-quality document scanning and photo uploads

Drivers can send in their paperwork quickly and easily, right from their load workflow screen, complete with doc typing. This means less busy-work for the back office, contacting drivers and pestering them to send in their load documents.

Programmatic To-do’s

Collect information from drivers by building out to-dos for them. You can segment these down to any, all, or even just one driver. This makes previously painful back office admin incredibly easy—e.g., getting data on updated CDL/licenses, insurance paperwork, and the like. Programmatically assignable tasks with completion notifications

Built-in payroll integration

Cut down admin on both ends. Drivers can access paystubs directly in the app, so they don’t need printed slips. And because their duty status is always recorded in Eleos, your accounting team can use this to generate payroll without spending time following up with drivers.

ELD integrations

Drivers can easily update their duty status without having to use a separate app, and can instantly see on the map where their hours of service will end—both when planning their route, and driving it. Integrate HOS from any ELD or use an enhanced out of the box solution with Geotab, Zonar, or ORBCOMM.

Equipment locator

Drivers who have to pick up vehicles from busy yards often have trouble finding their vehicles. With Eleos, dispatch or maintenance can load GPS coordinates with a satellite view of the tractor/trailer’s current location, and drivers can use this to easily find their rides among all the others.

Visual workflow creator

Create custom workflows that match your own business needs. With a simple point-and-click interface you can set up unlimited workflows for any conceivable scenario, and painlessly edit them when necessary.

Predefine what happens when actions are performed offline. This can be customized based on customer, location, cargo type etc. Drivers keep going with business as usual, even without a mobile signal, and their actions are synced to your server once connectivity returns. Visual workflow creator to enable offline operation

Driver intent notifications

Driver intent notifications (trip change notifications and trip policy notifications) – know what your drivers are doing and/or are thinking of doing

Programmatic Pre-filled Forms

the ability to pre-fill form data programmatically from your TMS or other integrated system — ease the drivers workload on having to fill in information the app/system already knows

Move pin and pin recommendations

gives the drivers the ability to move pick-up/delivery location pins based on satellite imagery — pin moves are used in crowd-sourcing more accurate location data from your drivers (and any driver from any fleet who uses Eleos)

eSignature capture

the ability to capture document signatures, driver acknowledgements, etc and attach it to documents or send to other integrated systems

Location Tracking

the ability for fleets to see where a driver/truck/device is to provide location and tracking updates to their customers

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