Platform Release Notes

Driver Workflow Apps on iPhone and Android

37% of American truckers use iPhones, our data shows

Many trucking companies have discovered that there’s a simple way to make their drivers’ lives easier—while paradoxically increasing their productive time. It’s not a magic bullet, but it really helps.

Effective Communication with Newsfeeds & Media Libraries

Newsfeeds and media libraries are table stakes for any mobile driver workflow app today. They are, however, often overlooked, under-appreciated, and under-utilized. Watch Scott Applefeld of ASR Solutions walk through how clients are leveraging the newsfeed and media library features in the Eleos Platform.

Touchless Freight Documents - eBOLs & ePODs

Touchless Freight Documents – eBOLs & ePODs

eBOLs and ePODs are one of the most talked-about and requested features in the trucking industry right now. Many companies are creating one size fits all solutions that aren’t quite right for everyone. The ability and functionality to create custom workflows around eBOLs and ePODs is already available on the Eleos Platform. Watch Scott Applefeld

Custom COVID-19 Health Screening Form for Truck Drivers

Using Eleos to Create Dynamic COVID-19 Health Screenings

Using dynamic forms within the Eleos Platform, J&M Tank Lines has been able to create a daily COVID-19 health screening that drivers must fill out at the beginning of each workday. Watch Scott Applefeld of ASR Solutions walk through the custom form to see how this dynamic use of the Eleos Platform helps keep drivers