Automated Lumper Payment Process Improves Efficiency by 70%

K&B Transportation

K&B Transportation was founded in 1987 in Sioux City, IA with a handful of trucks moving meat products from farms to regional processing plants. Today they have grown to become a leader in the truckload transportation industry, moving various types of perishable food products throughout North America.

The problem

K&B Transportation was grappling with the challenge of managing expenses, particularly in the reefer business where lumper payments are a common occurrence. Their process was very manual and time-consuming, requiring drivers to call their dispatcher every time they needed to process a lumper payment for their load.  In turn, rather than leveraging an automated billing system, dispatchers were required to set up a manual payment for every lumper payment load, requiring lots of extra work. This system was not only inefficient, but also lacked proper reporting and audit mechanisms required to make sure they were compliant.

The solution

K&B Transportation looked to Eleos Technologies and Add On Systems, a certified integration partner, to develop a workflow that would streamline the expense management process. With the help of Add On Systems’ development team, K&B built a custom mobile app that allows drivers to request payments directly on their mobile device rather than calling dispatch with payment details. Today, when the request meets the set of preset criteria, the drivers receive an automatic payment approval and are able to  continue on with their day. In addition, the submission is now trackable all the way through the payment process, ensuring transparency, accountability, and audit compliance.

The new system has been universally well-received by both drivers and dispatchers. Drivers appreciate the quick response and the elimination of waiting times, while dispatchers are now receiving fewer phone calls and are able to focus on more pressing issues. The system has automated 70% of the lumper payments, significantly reducing the workload for the dispatchers. This is particularly beneficial for the night staff, who often have to deal with other issues such as breakdowns.

70% of our lumper payments are automatic, which takes it off of our drivers' plates. To take anything off their plate is a big time saver for us.
Kyle Burton
Chief Financial Officer

The results

Transparency in payment process

More efficient driver experience

Better use of employee time

Increased driver time

Improved work environment for drivers and dispatch

Universally accepted

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