Driver Route Flexibility VS Corporate Control. You Can Have BOTH!

Knight-Swift Transportation

Knight Transportation was founded in 1990 by four cousins: brothers, Kevin and Keith Knight and brothers Randy and Gary Knight. With their previous work experience at Swift Transportation and more than 80 years of combined experience in the trucking industry, the Knights envisioned a better way to do trucking. Setting out with a goal of being debt free with first-in-class equipment and the lowest cost carrier with a primary focus on safety and customer service, the four cousins went to work.

The problem

Like all fleets, Knight-Swift wants to maintain control over their driver’s routes in order to maintain profitability and ensure the loads are delivered in a safe and timely manner. However, they also want to trust their drivers to adjust their routes in real-time based on local conditions, personal preferences, and other factors. They needed to find a balance that maintained control while, at the same time, allowed their drivers to do their job in a way that showed trust in their judgment and expertise as a professional driver.

The solution

Using Eleos’ configurable and programmable platform, Knight-Swift built a custom driver app that offers drivers more control over many aspects of their routes, while still maintaining the standards defined by the company.

Using the native “Trip Planner” feature, drivers are able to plan their routes on their personal mobile device using an amazing mobile app OR through the same app available on an in-cab tablet. This means planning is not tied to the cab and can be done anywhere the driver may be – relaxing on a sofa at home before their trip or while sitting in a booth at their favorite truckstop when they’re on the road. Aspects of the trip under the driver’s control include things like updating fuel stop locations, when and where to stop, re-routing their drive based on personal preferences, and adding points of interest along the route. All route changes are instantaneously analyzed by the system and reported back to dispatch to ensure they meet allowance standards. This flexibility allows drivers to make better use of their time while they aren’t driving, as well as feel trusted and more in control of their day.

The results

The Knight-Swift team has some of the highest driver retention rates in the industry

Driver flexibility within corporate standards and policies

Less driver downtime waiting means more time on the road and more money in the driver’s pocket – plus more profitability for Knight-Swift – Everybody wins

Drivers feel valued by the company and trusted to make good decisions

Dispatch receives fewer requests from drivers now that many changes can be done automatically through their custom app

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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