Custom Driver App Improves Driver Satisfaction

Knight-Swift Transportation

Knight Transportation was founded in 1990 by four cousins: brothers, Kevin and Keith Knight and brothers Randy and Gary Knight. With their previous work experience at Swift Transportation and more than 80 years of combined experience in the trucking industry, the Knights envisioned a better way to do trucking. Setting out with a goal of being debt free with first-in-class equipment and the lowest cost carrier with a primary focus on safety and customer service, the four cousins went to work.

The problem

In years past, like many carriers, Knight Transportation drivers were using many different systems to manage their loads and communicate with their dispatch team. The list of required technologies was growing every year and their drivers were frustrated as they used an in-cab solution to jump between multiple systems to manage their day. There seemed to be a different system for each task they had to perform and each application required training, password management, and software updates. Knight has always been dedicated to supporting their drivers with the best technology available, so they set out to find a solution to improve their driver’s experience.

The solution

Over a decade ago, Knight created a custom mobile driver app to complement their in-cab technology. Their custom mobile app initially ran on drivers’ personal devices and was used on a voluntary basis. The app proved to be so successful that Knight later chose to bring the mobile app experience into the cab to serve as the primary digital system for their drivers.

To avoid the high cost, risk, and ongoing expense of developing an app from scratch, Knight leveraged the Eleos Platform that enables fleets to create highly customized apps without writing any mobile code. The Knight app, powered by Eleos, helps consolidate information from multiple sources into a single, easy-to-navigate application that’s loved by their drivers.

The system is customizable AND programmable and has grown over time. Here are a few of the most critical functions managed in the app today:


Before launching the app Knight-Swift was using a texted based messaging system to communicate with their drivers. This system was cumbersome and difficult to navigate, resulting in lost messages and confusion on both ends of the text threads. Knight now uses their app for all communications with their drivers and has gained efficiencies for drivers as well as back office staff. Messages are now delivered using functionality native to the platform in a flexible format in text, video, and graphic formats that offer the back office a number of options that were not available in their previous text-based system.

It has been very eye opening and refreshing for our drivers to have a more innovative and seamless platform.  They can get the information they need, when they need it, without it being in some cryptic macro message system that’s not formatted very well, is in all caps with weird spacing and format issues. The Eleos app has a nice visual format and has been a real game changer for our drivers. — Jim Field, VP of Mobile Communications

A document library is also available so drivers can locate specific information without going to dispatch. Drivers are better informed and feel more connected to their fleet.


Before implementing the app, drivers were jumping back and forth between multiple systems to navigate their routes.  This caused frustration and lots of manual entry. Knight-Swift is now using a built-in turn-by-turn navigation system which is fully integrated into the home screen on the app.

Drivers no longer have to go to a separate navigation system to enter in an address—everything is pulled in automatically. Prior to that, everything was a manual entry, where now we’re able to pull in a lot of data and integrate it with the workflow. It makes things so much more efficient. — Jim Field – VP of Mobile Communications

Document Scanning

Paperwork processing was another area where Knight-Swift discovered big gains. Drivers now use a simple scanning feature that allows them to scan their documents and easily submit them for review.  This can be done on the handy mobile app or from the tablet in the cab.  “The ease of scanning documents and attaching them to a load is a big deal,” Field says. Drivers can quickly see the status of their paperwork – if it’s waiting to be processed, if there’s an issue and something needs to be rescanned, and if the trip has been processed and is ready for payment.  Administrative overhead has been greatly reduced and drivers are getting paid much more quickly – without the need to call headquarters with questions.

Fuel stop selector

Knight-Swift has negotiated rates with fuel vendors and wants to display these options to their drivers while they are on the road.  To this end, they are now able to use functionality that is native to the platform to highlight approved fuel vendors along the route. Drivers have the option to add approved stops to their trip plan based on personal preferences like cleaner showers or an amazing chicken fried steak. The freedom given to their drivers is within the bounds set by the fleet but controlled by the driver.

There's really no better platform than Eleos to give carriers the ability to provide a custom solution for their drivers that will make their job more efficient, safer, and more engaging. It’s really invaluable for us and has helped tremendously with driver retention.
Jim Field
VP of Mobile Communications

The results

Drivers are more connected to the fleet and more satisfied with their jobs

Administrative overhead has been greatly reduced, allowing employees to spend time on the most important tasks rather than dealing with basic requests

Most of the tools drivers need to do their jobs are consolidated into a single app, many with single sign-on (depending on the integration), resulting in less need for drivers to jump between apps or manage multiple logins

Drivers are getting paid faster and their paychecks are more accurate

Job satisfaction has improved and drivers are choosing to stick with Knight-Swift for the long haul

See Eleos in action for yourself

If you’d like to see how the app works, simply request a demo. It’s not a sales call.

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