Switch Telematics Vendors Without Disrupting The Driver Experience

TMC Transportation

TMC Transportation, founded in 1972 and based in Des Moines, IA, is now the largest privately owned flatbed carrier in the nation. It prides itself as the standard-bearer in the flatbed industry and has built a reputation of excellence over its 50 years in business.

The problem

TMC needed to replace its telematics solution but knew changes to their driver-facing systems could be a major training issue and cause frustration to their fleet. They needed to swap out their telematics solution without disrupting the driver experience or requiring additional training on a new system.

The solution

TMC is a longtime user of their own custom driver app, built on the Eleos platform. Rather than using a telematics software solution, they pull information from their telematics system and display it to their drivers as a component of their custom application. Since their app is not tied to any particular telematics vendor, TMC was able to make backend changes to pull data from the new system without making any major updates to the way the driver viewed the information in the app. In most cases, the driver wasn’t even aware a backend telematics change had been made and simply continued on their routes as normal with virtually zero disruption to their daily processes. The system swap didn’t require additional software installations or training and saved the fleet countless hours, and bucketloads of money that would have been spent if they didn’t have their custom driver app in place.

“Going from a telematics provider that we’d had for decades to a brand new one was a big shift for our team. But having the Eleos mobile app already available to our drivers made it seamless for them. ”  Janelle Kennedy, Project Manager for Risk Management & Federal Compliance at TMC Transportation.

The ability to untether our drivers from the trucks has allowed them to have a better driver experience, which then has created some solutions for us as far as retention goes. ROI on something like that is almost immeasurable, but I can tell you that our turnover rate is significantly lower. Everything they need to do their job is contained within that app.
Janelle Kennedy
Project Manager for Risk Management & Federal Compliance

The results

Improved driver satisfaction

Increased efficiency

Higher driver retention rates

Seamless system updates

Reduced need for training

See Eleos in action for yourself

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