Using Weather Alerts to Improve Safety and Lower Insurance Rates

K&B Transportation

K&B Transportation was founded in 1987 in Sioux City, IA with a handful of trucks moving meat products from farms to regional processing plants. Today they have grown to become a leader in the truckload transportation industry, moving various types of perishable food products throughout North America.

The problem

K&B Transportation, like most fleets in North America, face challenges when drivers encounter inclement weather conditions and need to be re-routed or taken off the road completely. Their accident rate was higher than they wanted, threatening the safety of their drivers, damaging expensive equipment, slowing down shipments, and impacting their insurance rates. To resolve these concerns, they needed a way to easily notify their drivers and ensure they were taking the precautions necessary to avoid bad weather incidents.

The solution

As an Eleos customer, and working with Add On Systems (a certified Eleos integration partner), K&B Transportation was able to turn to their custom mobile app to resolve the issue. Today, the team pulls information from several systems to quickly identify impending weather situations and notify drivers. Using their custom driver app, the back-office team has implemented a unique driver app dashboard takeover that alerts the driver of potential hazards and gives them instructions on what they need to do to stay safe. Since implementing this solution, their DOT reportable accident rates have decreased by as much as 80% and they have been able to improve customer satisfaction and lowered their insurance rates. They also use this information to keep customers informed of any delays or adjustments to their delivery schedule and have improved their service levels. In addition, drivers feel valued by the team and are safer on the road.

Being able to quickly deliver [weather] information has resulted in a reduction of our DOT recordable accidents by about 80%.
Matt Fengler
Operations Supervisor

The results

Increased driver communication

Higher driver satisfaction and safety

Better protect assets and freight

Improved insurance and liability risk

Fewer accidents across the fleet

Improved communications with customers

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