New Platform Integration: Drivewyze Weigh Station Bypass

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Drivewyze creates smart mobility services for highway safety and transportation management. They are best known for their PreClear system, which provides bypass opportunities at fixed weigh stations and mobile inspection sites.

Many carriers love Drivewyze because they have the largest weigh station bypass program in the country, supporting over 800 locations in 47 states.

Drivewyze is a program whose value we believe in because our own system is based on the same kinds of benefits. Eleos is heavily focused on improving efficiency and productivity, and Drivewyze does the same thing. By reducing the number of weigh-ins and inspections, it increases productive driving time, saves fuel, and improves on-time delivery rates. Large fleets are saving millions of dollars a year using their service because it greatly reduces how often their trucks get sidelined for inspection. Plus it improves safety and reduces driver stress.

Their interest in making drivers’ lives easier also resonates with us. 

Drivers are in short supply. Some estimates say our industry needs as many as 40,000 more of them. This means turnover is extremely high, with the vast majority of drivers moving on from a job within a year of taking it. Attracting and retaining drivers is a key leverage point for getting an edge in the market.

We weren’t surprised to discover just how attractive a company-paid bypass service is to truckers. In fact, research shows that nearly three-quarters of all drivers consider a bypass program extremely valuable when considering a job opportunity—they’re about three times more likely to work for a company that provides it, and it is the fourth-most desirable benefit (after higher pay, more time off, and medical/retirement etc.). Just as important, drivers are also 65% more likely to stay with a company that provides a bypass program.

All this to say, Drivewyze and Eleos are like peas in a pod. Truckers love Eleos, and truckers love Drivewyze. Eleos saves time and money, and so does Drivewyze. Until now, our customers have had to use a separate Drivewyze app to get their bypass instructions.

No longer.

We’re very pleased that Eleos’ available options and integrations have once again expanded, and now you can use Drivewyze from within our app. We show the same screens and notifications within the Eleos app that you would see in the Drivewyze app.

And of course, it works just as well on the driver’s phone as it does on the in-cab tablet.

If you’re an Eleos customer using Drivewyze and you’d like to enable this integration, this is easily done. Contact your account executive or Eleos reseller to get started. Even if you aren’t a Drivewyze customer, but are interested in this integration, contact us to find out more about it.

If you’re a Drivewyze customer and you’re intrigued by Eleos, why not schedule a time to run through a free demo of the platform and see what it can do for you?

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